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HPI Cost-Of-Error Calculator App Makes a Compelling Business Case for Reducing Human Error

Get Immediate Leadership Buy-in for Human
Performance Improvement

Are you struggling to get decision-makers to put proper (or any) focus upon improving “Human Performance” (HPI) and reducing “human error?”

This is most-likely because your leaders (1) don’t understand what “human performance” truly is, or (2) they don’t see how focusing on things that haven’t yet happened impacts the bottom line ($$$).

The quickest way to grab the attention of a decision-maker or senior leader is to accurately demonstrate HOW MUCH ‘human error’ is currently COSTING your organization. (As you might have noticed, $$$ issues typically rise STRAIGHT to the TOP)
The HPI COST of ERROR CALCULATOR offers a quick solution for demonstrating how much ‘human error’ is currently impacting your organization’s ‘bottom line’.
You will now have real tangible numbers with which to build a HPI business case that commands immediate attention!

  •  Uses YOUR current numbers to quickly calculate HOW MUCH ‘human error’ is currently COSTING your organization
  •  Provides CURRENT COST BREAKDOWNS in (3) areas:
  • Unplanned Downtime and Lost Productivity
  • Injuries, Illnesses, and Fatalities
  • Physical Equipment, Facility, Environmental & Regulatory Costs 
  •  Allows you to RUN SCENARIOS that Calculate your Return-On-Investment (ROI) for HPI efforts and proposed implementation plans

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