teams & organizations improve
Reliability, Efficiency, Productivity, & Safety

We DO so
through Intent Focus
on the CORE of all performance:
Human Performance

to help you 
help make 
our world 

Whether you’re a Local Business Owner, a Safety or Performance Improvement Coordinator, the Head of a Team, Department or Facility, or the Leader of a Global Enterprise, challenges to performance…let alone Performance Improvement…have never been as great.
As ‘the world’ seems to get crazier by the day, we bring sanity, simplicity, and sustainability to the Human side of your performance equation...
PPI has been helping Teams & Organizations achieve record-breaking improvements in Reliability, Efficiency, Productivity, and Safety since 2005.
WHERE did it all begin? 
WHY and HOW has it developed? 
WHAT makes the PPI “Next-Gen" Approach different?  
From Electrical Generation & Transmission to Global Shipping, from Petrochem to Manufacturing, from Medical to Small Business- we've helped Clients around the planet achieve & sustain entirely new levels of Performance.
To date, we’ve served more than 100,000 Team Members and their Leaders, helping them overcome ever-increasing regulatory & societal demands to generate and sustain WIN WIN Answers, Solutions, & RESULTS.

Our Clients' SUCCESSES

From enterprises spanning the globe to local businesses, we’ve helped Teams and Organizations achieve & sustain performance levels not otherwise possible.
Examples of PPI Client Successes include…
  • Best-Ever Safety Performance
  • 35% Increase in Profits
  • 57% Reduction in worker turnover
  • 72% Sustained Reduction in error rates
  • ​80% Reduction in Bargaining Unit Grievances
  • ​Longest Run/Highest Capacity Factor in 25-year operating history
PPI's Ultimate Purpose is to help make our world better and safer. We do so by helping our Clients achieve & sustain Next-Level Performance.
Because we target the CORE of all performance (Human Performance) and because the PPI Approach creates WIN WIN work environments and Cultures, we’ve attracted the finest Team of Performance Improvement Professionals on the planet.
Check out the videos of Performance Improvement Professionals from many types and sizes of businesses and organizations as they share their perceptions of and experiences with the PPI Approach...

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Quite simply- we're here to help you TRANSFORM CULTURE in a way that makes our world BETTER and SAFER.

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