Bridging Generational Gaps

Different isn't wrong-it's just...different

Spring date to be announced soon.


Irrespective of generation, at the core, we WANT the SAME things. Open your perspective regarding differing worldviews and perspectives on HOW to achieve what's [truly] important:
  • Recognize- differing values / same principles
  • Identify YOUR Generational Mindset
  • Silos to Synergy- Transform Culture


Understand yourself and others. Recognize that "WHY we do WHAT we do the WAY we do it" provides your pathway to openness, consensus, and positive collaboration 
  • Understand Perceptions and Reality
  • Identify and Positively Leverage Generational Mindsets
  • The "Great Divide"- Recognize 'Entitlement' is cultural (not generational) 


Specific HOW-TO strategies, tactics, and tools for achieving One Team, with One Goal, having One Conversation
  • HOW to overcome generational 'sticking points' and [potentially] conflicting priorities and agendas
  • Your "3 Hats" of LEADERSHIP for achieving SUSTAINABLE INFLUENCE

Interact / Ask Questions / Get Answers 

In this fast-paced interactive workshop, you'll gain tremendous insight about yourself and others- about different generations...different worldviews, mindsets, and perceptions.

THEN- we go [way] beyond simple awareness and understanding. 

You'll understand HOW to leverage generational differences into powerful strategic, operational, and competitive advantage.

You'll leave this experience energized with exceptional HOW-TO tactics and tools you can put to immediate use.  

You will confidently know WHAT TO DO to grow a Reliable, Efficient, Productive, and Safe Culture...functioning as One Team, with One Goal, having One Conversation.   

-Your Next Opportunity-

 Spring 2021 course date to be determined

in Raleigh, North Carolina

For Course Learning Objectives CLICK HERE

Course Tuition- *$695 (*Group discount available for 3 or more.)

Here's What You Receive:

  • Full-day Interactive Workshop conducted by PPI Master Facilitators, including perspectives from 3 generations
  • Bridging Generational Gaps Interactive WorkBook 
  • Your Pathway to Next-Gen Performance
  • ​Lunch is provided
  • ​Reduced [block] room rate at the Embassy Suites Crabtree (Raleigh, NC USA)
  • ​*(6) Professional Development Hours (PDHs) awarded by the Human Performance Association (HPA) (*when requested)
  • ​A FREE PASS to PPI Night at the Movies (your opportunity to swap insights with Human Performance Leaders from around the globe on Sunday Evening prior to the workshop)
  • ​FULL ACCESS to PPI's ground-breaking online Human Performance Basic Training iLearning Course ($179 value)
  • ​A FREE ONE-HOUR CONSULTATION (phone or GTM) with PPI Generational Expert($300 value)
  • ​A SIGNED COPY of Tim Autrey's best-selling book 6-Hour Safety Culture (priceless)
  • ​*An opportunity to attend Bridging Generational Gaps for FREE (*when you also attend the Next-Gen Human Performance Leadership (HPI) MasterClass)

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