As stated in our Manifesto, we exist to help save lives, keep people from getting hurt, prevent physical & environmental catastrophe, and improve Reliability, Efficiency, Productivity, and Profitability.
As a Member of our COMMUNITY- one who [truly] wants to help make our world BETTER & SAFER- we’re providing these RESOURCES 
to help you rapidly engage with (and implement) 
Sustainable WIN-WIN Performance Improvement.
USE THEM...they're absolutely FREE!
These Infographics & Downloads are here for YOU.
They’re here to help you Sustainably get from where you are to where you want to go.
Oh, by the way…they’re FREE!
  • Your Pathway™: Your 'Big Picture', from WHY to OUTCOMES
  • HPI 3.0 Glossary: Taking your understanding to a whole new level
  • HPI LEADERSHIP Key Insights: The Core of the Core of the Core...
  • ​Next-Gen Blueprint: Your step-by-step using the (3) Frameworks
  • Measuring Human Performance: First-ever Human Performance metrics
Tim Autrey, Founder & CEO of PPI, has published many works over the years including Special Reports, Video Series, Podcasts, Monday Mindsets, and a best-selling book- each designed to synthesize the best of thought leadership in Human Performance and to challenge the status quote.
This is NOT your grandfather’s Performance Improvement!
Tim Autrey calls it like he sees it across the spectrum of efforts to improve Reliability, Efficiency, Productivity, & Safety.
You’ll likely be inspired, you might have a few laughs, you might even get upset…
Insightful. Often inspiring. Certainly thought-provoking.
Tim Autrey delivers his perspectives in a quick-to-read 
(or listen to) format.
A great way to start your week!
Whether you prefer to READ, LISTEN, or WATCH, you’ll find Latest Insights in Human & Organizational Performance and some Heart-Touching Stories among our “Blog” Pages.
PPI Special Reports detail our latest research,
science, and in-the-field experience.
Each Report provides perspective
on an emergent topic or a disruptive strategy to help you 
THINK Different, FEEL Different, and ultimately…DO Different™.

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