FREE Calculator APP 
Helps You Make 
a Compelling Busine$$ Case 
for Performance Improvement

The BEST Way to Get "Buy-in" From Decision-Makers 
and the "Bean Counters"  
is to Show a Cost-Benefit-Analysis 
the Bottom-Line ROI of Improving Performance...

“Between a ROCK and a…”
Let's FACE it-
Your JOB as a Performance Improvement Professional is [much] TOUGHER and MORE FRUSTRATING than Ever Before…
The World continues to [incessantly] THROW CHALLENGES your way- TONS of new Requirements, Regulations, Constraints…not to mention rising dysfunction and “attitude” coming in from the outside.
AND, because of all of this, it’s HARDER THAN EVER to get ANY attention from Decision-Makers (or anyone in control of $$).
Here’s the thing…
The quickest way to grab the attention of any Senior Leader or Decision-Maker is…to SHOW THEM THE MONEY.
Enter the PPI Cost-of-Error Calculator...
When you input a few of your numbers into the Cost-of-Error Calculator, it Clearly Reveals the DOLLAR COST of your current levels of Team Member Mistakes.
You can now meld your PASSION to Make Things Better with ‘hard numbers’ to make a compelling business case for doing what you know in your Heart needs to be done…

The PPI Cost-of-Error Calculator...

  • Uses YOUR current numbers to quickly calculate HOW MUCH ‘human error’ is currently COSTING your organization
  • ​Provides CURRENT COST BREAKDOWNS in (3) areas:
  • Unplanned Downtime and Lost Productivity
  • ​Injuries, Illnesses, and Fatalities
  • ​Physical Equipment, Facility, Environmental & Regulatory Costs 
ARMED with this [Real] Information, you can then 
RUN SCENARIOS that Calculate Return-On-Investment (ROI) for Efforts to Improve Performance.
And by the way... Calculator ACCESS includes a DOWNLOADABLE Step-by-Step User Guide...

Normally, the Calculator is $49
as a Member of the COMMUNITY
it's Yours for FREE

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