What if there was a Way to UNDERSTAND
the Strengths and Challenges 
of Your Current CULTURE 
as they Relate to Your Performance


A message from our Founder, Tim Autrey...

When I want to take my wife to a romantic dinner at our favorite French restaurant, I enter its name into Google Maps before I back the car out of the garage. 
The GPS goes to work with its FIRST step: It identifies our current location.
Then it calculates the route and gives me turn-by-turn HOW TO directions as well as the distance and our ETA.
Most of us are familiar with the GPS process.
This being said, it amazes the heck out of me how many organizations dive into Performance Improvement without first understanding their starting point (and then plotting the BEST way to achieve desired RESULTS).
Look...it’s pretty tough to be efficient in your planning or use of resources when you don't have your arms around your current circumstances.
After all, if you don't know what's 'broken', it's darn hard to know what needs fixing or where to focus. 
The PPI Culture Profile provides 'under-the-covers' insights into WHY your current metrics (and Culture) are what they are- your BEST first step in moving forward.
Be SAFE and Do GOOD!

The PPI Culture Profile identifies & assesses 
the underlying causes for Error-Likeliness 
and Relative Levels of Function & Dysfunction 
within the CULTURE of your Team or Organization.

It analyzes (5) Key Areas:

  • Systems & Structures
  • Ownership
  • ​Openness & Awareness
  • Error-Likely Environment
  • ​Readiness/Willingness to Improve (Adaptability)

To BEGIN- WHAT the heck is "CULTURE"?

Your Culture is a combination of the actions, behaviors, and interactions accepted and expected by the members of your Team.

WHY is it so [Very] IMPORTANT?

Your Culture is continually at work within the constraints of your Systems, Processes, and Structures to generate your RESULTS. 

How the Culture Profile Process Works...

The Overall Approach

The PPI Culture Profile is NOT an off-the-shelf automated assessment.

From the start, the Culture Profile Assessment is customized to best serve your needs, desires, and intentions. It includes an online Survey tailored to your organization and can include optional data & process reviews, as well as onsite observations & interviews.

Second, the analysis is not automated. PPI Professionals (Real People) dive deep into all data, information, and insights gathered. After all, we’re profiling & assessing your Culture. It takes people to understand people.

Your Culture Profile Report then provides quantitative data (metrics), as well as qualitative insights synthesized from all sources of input.

Because of how our system is configured, results can be ‘sliced’ and ‘dissected’ to identify pockets of strengths and areas of acute dysfunction. For example- by natural work team, unit, or department, by job title/function, by longevity, and so forth.

Our experts then craft understandable and actionable Conclusions regarding your Current Strengths and Areas For Improvement (AFIs).

Recommendations are provided to help you achieve your GOALS & Desired RESULTS- quickly, efficiently, and (most importantly) sustainably.
The Survey

Our Survey process uses a customized online questionnaire. 

Your Team Members offer their input anonymously.

Survey respondents are invited to choose from multiple choice responses for each Survey Item, as well as to offer written comments (should they so desire).

Only our Analysts see the raw data. When combined with anonymous entry, this offers the best shot at obtaining true and honest information.
Data Process & Review (Optional)

Based upon what we agree is best for you, review of your current KPIs & metrics, databases, programs, and procedures can be included during the assessment phase.

When we consider PPI Precept #2 (84 to 94 percent of all mistakes on the job are setup by process, programmatic, and/or organizational issues), some data & process review is typically appropriate.
Onsite Observations & Interviews (Optional)

Remember- when you’re assessing Culture, you’re assessing People.

We gain a ton of qualitative insight from the written comments your Team Members provide in the Online Survey.

We take this to another level when we visit your site or business, observe processes & meetings in progress, and have face-to-face conversations with a cross-section of your Team.
Synthesis & Report Generation

This is where our Team goes to work.

First, upon conclusion of the pre-determined Online Survey response period, our proprietary algorithms go to work on the multiple-choice responses. This provides quantitative Cultural Metrics relative to your Reliability, Efficiency, Productivity, and Safety (REPS).

Your metrics are then assessed alongside the online written responses.

When included in the process, insights from our data & process reviews and onsite observations & interviews are melded into the analysis.

“People Science” then comes into play as our Analysts synthesize all input to generate your Culture Profile Report- QUANTITATIVE Metrics and QUALITATIVE Insights that paint an accurate picture of your current CULTURE.

BUT… we don’t stop there…
Conclusions & Recommendations

Many surveys and assessments crank data to offer pie charts, machine-generated sentiment analysis, and word clouds.

This often brings up a line from one of the Austin Powers movies- “But, what does it all mean, Bazzle?!”

PPI Culture Profile Reports are written by real people- experts in the science of Human & Organizational Performance.

Further, our sequential process of Team Review & Peer Check ensures your Report is not “one person’s opinion.”

Conclusions are drawn that thoughtfully and concisely indicate your current organizational Strengths and Areas for Improvement.

Then, based upon our 16+ years of experience of working with over 100,000 Team Members and their Leaders around the globe, we go to the next (and perhaps most important) level…

We offer Recommendations on HOW to move forward to generate needed and desired RESULTS- rapidly, efficiently, and sustainably.

Culture Profile Features

Executive Summary 

The Key to any quality assessment is the ability to grab insight without the need to dissect tons of information.
Your Culture Profile Report begins with an Executive Summary that identifies:
  • Snapshot Metrics
  • Perceived Strengths
  • Perceived Challenges/AFIs
  • ​General Conclusions/Comments

Overall Strengths and Weaknesses

Part I of your Profile provides detailed insights into Overall Organizational Strengths and Weaknesses.
Inputs from the Online Survey, the optional Data & Process Reviews, and Onsite Observations & Interviews are synthesized to provide quantitative metrics as well as qualitative insights.

Customized Data Slices

The Culture Profile Report offers insight into HOW different Teams and job functions currently perceive their interactions with your Systems & Processes, as well as how they feel about other Teams and Job Functions across your organization.

Want to see how Team members feel about their Supervisor or Department/Senior Management? How about perceived levels of ownership and transparency across departments? Want to know which groups of Team Members (by Job Title or Longevity) are most satisfied or…most frustrated?

This level of awareness allows you to target Improvement Efforts with surgical precision.

Easy-to-Interpret Graphics

According to the Social Science Research Network, 65% of us are visual learners.
Your Profile includes graphical representation of your current CULTURAL Strengths and AFIs to provide for rapid assessment across many categories.
Where appropriate, related Team Member qualitative input and PPI Analyst interpretations are included to provide understanding of what lies ‘underneath’ the graphic.

Conditions Contributing to Error

Mistakes cause people to get hurt (or killed).
Mistakes reduce Reliability, eradicate Efficiency, and pause or prevent Production.
Mistakes cost money.
Remember- 84 to 94 percent of all mistakes on the job are ‘set up’ by one or more aspects of your current processes, programs, and/or organizational structures.
Your Team Members, those who do the work, know WHAT these ‘setups’ are and WHERE they reside.
This section of your Culture Profile is a great step toward bringing ‘setup’ awareness to the surface.

Written Comments

We put forth great effort to ensure the anonymity of Team Member input. 
This begins with the purpose and context of the Survey itself and how your Team Members are invited to participate.
Because of this, we typically see high percentages of Written Comments.
Written Comments provided for given Survey Items offer substantial insights underlying the associated ‘numbers’, helping us get much closer to what is 'actual'.
This is essential because- all progress begins by telling the truth.

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Quite simply- we're here to help you TRANSFORM CULTURE in a way that makes our world BETTER and SAFER.

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