When used uncompromisingly, these simple TOOLs 
virtually eliminate the potential for making mistakes... 

The same Simple Behavioral TOOLs that've played a major role 
in the Safety & Reliability Successes 
of commercial aviation and nuclear power generation...

Over the past two decades, the US commercial nuclear power generation and commercial airline industries have substantially reduced the frequency, severity, and numbers of human errors while driving significant events to nearly zero.

At PPI, we’ve taken the same TOOLs used by these industries and fashioned them into a format that’s fast, simple, easy (and affordable) to use.

The Error Elimination TOOLs™ offer quick just-in-time behavioral reference for virtually any task: WHY to use the TOOL, WHEN to use it, and HOW to use it. 

The TOOLs are configured to maximize the impact of review and discussion during Pre-Job Briefs, Safety Briefings, "Tailboards", and Job Hazard Assessments (JHAs), as well as for reference (if needed) while work is in progress.


MOST IMPACTFUL TOOLs in the arsenal... 
Whether your Team is new to behavioral error reduction or you're wanting to give stagnated efforts a 'kick in the butt'...OR you simply want to FOCUS...  

The (6) POWER TOOLs form the task-by-task CORE of your Performance Improvement efforts- they keep things SIMPLE, EASY to UNDERSTAND, and QUICK to IMPLEMENT.

This specific set of TOOLs has UNIVERSAL IMPACT on individual Choices, Actions, and Behaviors. 

Because of their usefulness in preventing mistakes while doing work, your Team Members will reinforce their use as "common sense".

This goes a l-o-n-g way toward inspiring 'spontaneous' reductions of human error.

Situational TOOLs

TOOLs targeted for specific aspects of the task(s) 
at hand... 
Beyond the POWER TOOLs, (10) additional TOOLs are included in the complete set. These are the Situational TOOLs.

Your Team Members will use Situational TOOLs as appropriate for a given job, task, or condition...

Each Set of TOOLs Also Includes (All Versions)...

  • Proactive Accountability® Defined & Explained
  • ​The (4) Precepts of Performance Improvement 3.0
  • Human Error Traps Defined and Explained
  • Phonetic Alphabet
  • ​Phonetic Numerals
  • ​Placekeeper for the Team Code of Honor

Also included in each handbook
(All Versions):

  • Proactive Accountability™: Defined and Explained
  • Examples of: The Precepts of Practicing Perfection®
  • TRAPs: Defined and Explained
  • Examples of: Code of Honor™
  • Phonetic Alphabet
  • ​Phonetic Numerals
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Ordering TOOLs For You and Your Team...

The complete set of Error Elimination Tools™ is available in three versions:

Tools Android  App

Individual purchases can be made on Google Play Store. Once the App is downloaded, internet access is no longer necessary. Please note- we apologize, but we do not have the ability to offer quantity discounts when using the Google App.

Error Elimination TOOLs™ Handbooks (Physical Handbook)

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Error Elimination TOOLs™ 
Web App

It’s likely your Team Members are already using work tablets or smartphones when performing tasks. 

The Error Elimination TOOLs™ can now be available directly on whatever device they're using. The interactive APP works on all devices, from smart phones (including iPhones), to tablets, to laptops, to desktop computers.

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