From the “Big Picture” to terminology & Insights…
from step-by-step to effectively measuring your progress, 
these Infographics & Downloads are here for YOU.
They’re here to help you 
get from where you are 
to where you want to go.
And to do so Sustainably.
Oh, by the way…they’re FREE.

Your Pathway™

No matter how well-intentioned…
or quantity of resources expended…
MANY so-called ‘improvement’ initiatives
continue to produce mediocre results, or non-sustainable results
...and many continue to FAIL.
BEFORE you invest any more time, energy, or resources
on whatever you’re considering doing to Improve Performance,
The Pathway™ will help you develop an intelligent narrative and Mindful RESOLVE.

Principle-Based Performance™ Glossary

THINK Different → FEEL Different → DO Different™
New approaches require new terms, as well as new understandings of terms previously used (and often misunderstood).
The HPI 3.0 Glossary provides clarity & understanding for 
Next-Gen Performance Improvement.

Principle-Based™ LEADERSHIP™ Key Insights

A few ‘mouse clicks’ or ‘screen touches’ can bring you virtually ANY information. This is why many continue to drown in information while starving for knowledge.
Ever felt overwhelmed?
The PPI Human Performance LEADERHIP Key Insights Poster reveals the underlying ‘nuggets of wisdom’ of HPI 3.0.

Principle-Based™ Performance Improvement (PPI) Blueprint

The PPI Blueprint is your opportunity to see what lies underneath the 3 Frameworks for Sustainable Performance Improvement.
Starting with the “Big Picture’, the Blueprint then drills down to each of the phases of Learning, Implementation, and Outcomes.
Use the Blueprint to assess your current efforts to improve Human Performance.   

Measuring Human Performance

A huge roadblock for justifying (or getting approval for) resources to improve Human Performance and reduce errors is…cost.
After all- how can you possibly measure the value (ROI) of efforts put forward for incidents that do not occur?
The HPI 3.0 Human Performance Measurement Guide provides first-ever insight into metrics that allow you to dynamically QUANTIFY your progress.
Remember one of W. Edwards Deming's up-front lessons-
“What gets measured gets improved.”

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