Whether you prefer to READ, LISTEN, or WATCH, you’ll find Latest Insights in Human & Organizational Performance among our “Blog” Pages.
This is NOT your grandfather’s Performance Improvement!
Tim Autrey calls it like he sees it across the spectrum of efforts to improve Reliability, Efficiency, Productivity, & Safety.
You’ll likely be inspired, you might have a few laughs, you might even get upset…

Monday Mindset

Insightful. Often inspiring. Certainly thought-provoking.
Tim Autrey delivers his perspectives in a quick-to-read 
(or listen to) format.
A great way to start your week!

Bob's Blog

Most readers are delighted, touched, and inspired with Bob’s stories and metaphors as he draws from his life and experience as a decorated US Drug Enforcement Agency (DEA) Special Agent to craft parallel insights and perspectives into Human Performance and…life in general.
And by the way...you just might be exposed to some new terms such as “forthwith,” “10-4,” “ADW,” and, “Big Red Key.” 


The PERFORMANCE IMPROVEMENT 3.0 COMMUNITY Forum is for Forward Thinkers and Doers- those not satisfied with the status quo- those willing to level up to the demands of the future.
Recognizing that no one of us is as smart as all of us, the Forum provides a platform for anyone committed to improving performance- from Team Supervisors to CEOs, from Operations & Production Specialists to Safety Professionals, from Psychologists to Scientists- to share, to question, to THINK, and to collaborate toward creating a better and safer WIN-WIN future.
After all, it's through thoughtful discourse that best ideas and solutions are developed…

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