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"Love this simplistic viewpoint on HPI! [Human Performance Improvement] This viewpoint could have saved me $140k at Capella on my Ph.D.!!"

Valerie Bernard, Ph.D.
Executive Training Centers, Inc.

PPI Lab Quick Overview...

Propriety Success Path

It's easy to get overwhelmed, especially when you want to do things 'right'.

When you join PPI Lab, Tim Autrey personally guides you through a Success Path involving (5) Next-Gen Levels of Leadership. 

Each Level builds upon those previous to help you fully develop your insights, strategies, and capabilities as a 
Leader and Influencer. 

LIVE Coaching & Mentoring Sessions

As you progress through the (5) Levels of becoming a Next-Gen Leader and Influencer, Tim Autrey and PPI Master Facilitators work directly with you during LIVE monthly coaching & mentoring sessions.

These sessions give you the opportunity to showcase your progress, ask questions, and to learn from and connect with PPI and your cohort colleagues.

Human Performance LEADERSHIP™ Master Class

Through (8) Modules delivered in bite-sized easily-digestible episodes, the Master Class provides the Core Curriculum for the first (4) Levels of your Leadership Journey.

Available 24/7 (on YOUR schedule), the Master Class is taught by Tim Autrey. 

Worksheets, Apps, Team Briefings, and Team Exercises are provided along the way so you can EXPERIENCE your transformation of THINKing, FEELing, and DOing while bringing your team members along with you.

Human Performance BASIC (HUB) Training™ iLearning

This is the Course designed for EVERY member of your team. If you're new to Human Performance, this is also the place for you to start!

The HUB Course is designed to provide entry-level & 'front-line'-level expertise in Human Performance, including use of the Error Elimination Tools™.

LEADER Worksheets

The best way to learn is by DOING.
Each Leader Worksheet guides you through self-assessment and self-reflection. Many also provide for team self-assessment. 

Current Worksheets include, "What Type LEADER Are You," "Grade Your Team (A/B/C-Players)," and "Every Culture Has a Story." 

Jumpstart Implementation Packs

Most teams have specific challenges and issues (likely yours included). In addition, it can be truly handy to have materials to use  "Just-in-Time" (JIT) when specific conditions arise. 

Jump Start Packs (JSPs) provide targeted info, resources (such as PowerPoints and Videos), and tools with which to rapidly tackle specific issues. 

Team Briefings

All the learning in the world provides little value if not put to use.

Team Briefings (including PowerPoints, Videos, and Guide Sheets) are provided to help you lead and inspire your team members along a collective journey of transformation toward sustainable next-level performance.

Team Exercises

Beyond Team Briefings, Team Exercises guide you step-by-step through many of the same group encounters used by PPI Master Facilitators when we help with onsite implementation.

Some of the Exercise Guides included in PPI Lab ('famous' with PPI Implementation Clients) are "The Grey Elephant," "Man-Made-Disasters,' and the "Code of Honor" Facilitation.


These are targeted courses on essential aspects of Human Performance, available and ready when you are.

In some cases, they go into more detail than Tim covers in the Master Class. For example, more in-depth training on the use of the Culpability Decision Tree. Others provide for quick-hit refresher or JIT Training.

Video Library

One of the best ways to communicate a message to your team, whether in a training session or briefing/meeting is to use engaging, emotion-evoking, and/or funny video clips that reinforce your message.
PPI has been building a library of more than 100 video clips for over 15 years. This is the same library our facilitators draw from when preparing for and facilitating trainings and presentations. The ENTIRE Library is available to you within PPI Lab.

App Library

Access is provided to PPI's Ground-Breaking Apps, including:
  • Your Transformation Conversation
  • ​Cost-of-Error Calculator
  • ​Error Elimination Tools™ (ENGLISH & SPANISH Versions)
  • ​ADMIT IT™ Self-Assessment
  • ​What's Your Gen Mindset?
  • ​Primary Performance Needs Identifier

Monthly Alumni Coaching & Mentoring

Once you've completed your Success Path and have become a Level 5 LEADER (Steward & Mentor), as an active Member of PPI Lab you'll have access to monthly Alumni Group Coaching & Mentoring sessions.

During these sessions, Tim Autrey and other members of the PPI Team offer latest insights and guide discussion so you can ask questions and learn from PPI as well as the experience and insights of your Alumni Colleagues.

Professional Certification & Credentials

Upon completion of the Human Performance BASIC Training™ Course and successful completion of the exam, *you will be awarded the professional designation of HPT (Human Performance Trained).

Upon completion of Human Performance LEADERSHIP™ (completion through Level 4 of your Success Path) and successful completion of the exam, *you will be awarded the professional designation of HPL (Human Performance Leader). 

Credentials are awarded upon request by the Human Performance Association, Inc. 

Professional Development Hours (PDH)  / Continuing Education Credits (CEC)

Upon completion of the Human Performance BASIC Training™ iLearning Course and successful completion of the exam, *you will be awarded Four (4) PDH/CEC

Upon completion of Human Performance LEADERSHIP™ (completion through Level 4 
of your Success Path) and successful completion of the exam, *you will be awarded Sixteen (16) PDH/CEC.

PDH or CEC are awarded upon request by the Human Performance Association, Inc.  

"One of the most comprehensive views I’ve seen on how to drive a safety culture."

David Galloway

Six Sigma Master Blackbelt

(That was a quick overview)

For those who want more detail...

Your 5-Level Success Path

PPI Lab offers is the most comprehensive resource for Human Performance Training, Resources, Tools, and Apps currently available. As such, it can seem overwhelming when it's staring you in the face all at once.

We've therefore built the PPI Lab Success Path to help guide your journey toward Next-Gen Leadership & Influence through (5) Levels of THINKing Different, FEELing Different, and DOing Different:
  • Level 1: Principal
  • Level 2: Coach
  • Level 3: Synthesizer
  • ​Level 4: Maestro
  • ​Level 5: Steward & Mentor
Now, you might be thinking, “This looks awesome and I think I want it… but I’m not sure if I have time for it. I just want to 'cut to the important stuff'.” 

(#WGY) We've got you covered using the 80/20 Principle- we've identified the 20% of the Core Content that offers 80% of the impact. Each "20% Episode" along your Success Path is marked with a RED STAR. While we HIGHLY recommend you digest ALL the learning, this offers you the opportunity to speed things up if you're short on time. 

24/7 Online Human Performance Leadership MasterClass

Learn to Lead & Influence using simple frameworks that virtually eliminate the potential for human error while growing a Culture of One Team, with One Goal, having One Conversation.

Whether you want to become an expert in HOW to improve Human Performance (HPI/HPT), reduce Human Error, improve Safety, Transform Work Culture, or simply make your business more profitable and self-managed, the PPI Human Performance LEADERSHIP™ Master Class gives you not only the insights and understanding, but the Strategies and Tools with which to make it happen.

This is the same Master Class taught by TimAutrey during the semi-annual PPI Human Performance Summit- NOW AVAILABLE ON YOUR SCHEDULE 24/7.

The Master Class is provided as the Core Content of PPI Lab (Levels 1-4). It consists of (8) Modules: 
  • Module 1: Setting the Stage
  • Module 2: Your Foundation
  • Module 3: Understanding Yourself & Others
  • Module 4: Proactive Accountability®
  • ​Module 5: Understanding Human Error
  • Module 6: Achieving Zero Events
  • ​Module 7: Principle-Based Engagement™
  • ​Module 8: Your Code of Honor
There's over 16 hours of hands-on content. But don't let that scare you. Each Module is segmented into bite-sized easily-digestible chunks so you can complete your learning however works best for YOU and YOUR schedule.

The Master Class is chock-full of self-assessments to help you understand yourself and your team a whole lot better. In addition, Team Briefings and Team Exercises are layered throughout so you can bring your team members along on your journey if you desire.

A comprehensive downloadable Leader's Manual is provided for note-taking along the way. When complete, you will have a great resource for future reference while you founction as a Level 5 LEADER (Steward/Mentor).

You can grab a copy of the Master Class Course Catalog HERE.

HU BASIC Training™ (HUB) iLearning Course

This is the online version of the same course that's been presented to thousands of PPI Implementation Client Team Members.

Engaging, interactive, and FUN, the basics of Next-Gen Human Performance taught in this online learning experience directly parallel PPI Human Performance LEADERSHIP™ insights, strategies and Tools. Common language and focus between the two levels of Training help propel the growth of One Team, with One Goal, having One Conversation. 

This Course is provided as part of PPI Lab for those new to "Human Performance," as well as for preview by leaders for potential rollout to their team members. 

Coaching and Mentoring

Each Lab membership includes monthly team coaching sessions with a PPI master facilitator. You have access to scheduled LIVE sessions AND the entire archive of previously recorded sessions for as long as you remain a member of the Lab. 

Jumpstart Packs

Jump Start Packs (JSP) are designed to save you time and energy while offering Next-Gen solutions to specific issues and challenges. 

As a leader or influencer, you can use JSPs during briefings, meetings, or formal training sessions. They can be used to refresh key topics on a regular basis, as part of customized onboarding, or as oncoming crew orientation. JSPs can also be used for JIT (Just in Time) training.

JSPs typically include Leader Notes, a brief presentation video designed for presentation to your team members, and a PowerPoint presentation with detailed Speaker Notes for use in briefing/training with your team.  


PPI Lab Mini-Courses will be made available to help you continually improve yourself as a Level 5 LEADER- continually growing and strengthening a work culture of one team, with one goal, having one conversation. This is classic CANI (Constand and Never-Ending Improvement).

Mini-Courses are specifically designed for you to either go deeper on a given topic (often including scenarios, case studies, and exercises), or to introduce new discoveries and developments impacting human performance and performance improvement.

Team Exercises

The best way to learn is through doing and discovery.

PPI Team Exercise Guides provide learning experiences for your team members that directly parallel your learning within PPI Lab. The experiences provided within each exercise are engaging and typically fun. They are designed to evoke “aha moments” where individual participants discover associated insights for themselves and for the team. 

Selected Team Exercise Guides are provided for download within PPI Lab. Each Guide contains all information needed regarding setup and conduct of the exercise, as well as for processing of outcomes so they can be 'anchored in' as they relate to the work environment.

Team Briefing

What if you could bring your team members along with you as you complete your journey through the PPI Lab 5 levels of LEADERSHIP?

Team Briefings are provided to do precisely that.

Each Briefing covers a Key Insight, a Tool, or a fundamental concept of next-level performance. The initial order follows your PPI Lab Success Path, allowing your team discussions to move forward with you.

Designed to be completed in about 10 minutes, Team Briefings consist of a Leader Guide and a PowerPoint Presentation that includes a video clip on the topic (for showing to your team members), as well as pointed questions, talking points, and Speaker Notes. These are perfect for use during regular team meetings or briefing sessions. 

Video Library

Have you ever spent hours looking for a video clip to underscore or emphasize a point you want to make with your team members? These can be really hard to find.

Over the past 15+ years, PPI has accumulated a substantial collection of engaging, impactful, and even laugh-out-loud videos for use by our facilitators during Keynote presentations and classroom training.

As a Lab member, you have access to the same library used by the PPI Team. Within the Lab, the videos are categorized by concept/area of interest, and are listed in alphabetical order for easy discovery. Each video is downloadable for your use as you see fit.

There are well over 100 videos in the library, which includes PPI-original videos such as our animated Error Elimination Tools™ videos. New videos are added regularly.

App Access

As a member of PPI Lab, you have direct access to a number of PPI Apps. PPI Apps work on all devices, from desktop computers to smartphones.

While we continue to develop new Apps, a list of those currently available includes:

Transformation Conversation App

This App offers the same set of questions we ask leaders before every Leadership Training session or Decision-Maker Meeting. It offers a thought exercise to help you envision where you want performance to be 'one year from now', including the opportunity to reflect upon associated current dangers or challenges, opportunities, and strengths. As a Lab Member, the App is available for use with your entire team, offering an opportunity for great team discussion and interaction.

Cost of Error Calculator

Using your data, this App allows you to quickly quantify how much human error is currently costing your business, team, or organization. Once your Cost of Error is calculated, the App then allows you to project your Return on Investment (ROI) when considering any investment to reduce mistakes and improve performance.

PPI Error Elimination Tools™ App 
(both English & Spanish versions)

One of the elements that helped put PPI 'on the map' was the Error Elimination Tools™ Handbooks. Used around the globe, the Error Elimination Tools™ can now be at your fingertips on demand.

ADMIT IT™ Self-Assessment

Are there any issues with Accountability or a sense of entitlement among your team members? Such characteristics tend to generate victim behaviors.

This is the App version of the same self-scoring assessment used in PPI Training Sessions to help participants identify how readily (or not) they recognize when they're 'playing the victim'. This has been one of the most popular eye-opening self-discovery tools in PPI history.

The App makes it easy for you to use with your team members. The results are virtually guaranteed to generate interesting (and valuable) conversation.  

What's Your Generational Mindset?

Ever felt like you 'don't belong' with your chronological peers? Ever struggled with getting team members from different generations to be 'on the same page'? 

This App identifies which generation(s) you and your team members think most like. With this information, the insights provided within your Core Curriculum for dealing with multiple generations in the workplace become much better understood and much more actionable to help bring generations together as One Team, with One Goal, having One Conversation.  

Primary Performance Needs™

Ever wondered what it would be like to be able to influence virtually anyone to do whatever you wanted them to do?

Within Level 2 of the PPI Lab Core Curriculum, you will learn about the Individual Performance Model™ (IPM). Once you understand this model and how to use it, you will become a POWERFUL Influencer.

The Primary Performance Needs™ App makes IPM use super-simple. When used collectively among your team members, it also goes a long way toward helping team members understand one another better, helping move you ever-closer to One Team, with One Goal, having One Conversation.   

"This is great for anyone who is interested and passionate about leadership and wants to impact their culture in a way that transforms their organization."

Alina Ortega Bustamante

Senior Organizational Development Consultant
Austin Energy

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