For Those Who Have the COURAGE
For Those Who Have the COURAGE



Helping Make Our World BETTER & SAFER?

 If so...
this MasterClass...

“This Course has presented me with the information and the tools I need to change lives in a massive way. This is going to be the next level for our company, not just safety, not just production, but for EVERYTHING.”
Lee Aumend
MS- Psychology
Reedy Creek

Your Personal Invitation from Tim Autrey...

I pretty much 'geek out' on learning about Human Nature, Human Behavior, and Human Performance. In truth, I’ve devoted most of my existence to it.
Since you’re reading this, it’s likely you’re interested in this type stuff as well...or at least in how it can help you Improve Performance.
With all I've learned, there's one thing I KNOW for sure- ALL progress begins by telling the truth.
And at present, it seems to me that global ‘insanity’ is rising by the day- inside and outside of our governments, our societies, and our organizations.
I’ve never before experienced a time of such need- 
a desperate yearning for people of INTEGRITY and VISION to come forward…to RISE UP…to LEAD.
Does this resonate with you? 
If so, read on…
I’ve made it my personal mission to teach what I’ve learned and experienced- doing whatever I can to
help fellow rebels like you- 
those who discern POSSIBILITY, 
who have a PASSION for BETTER, 
and who hold little (if any) respect for the status quo.
If what I’m saying here resonates,
If you’ve been feeling like a round peg in a square hole,
If you KNOW things can be BETTER and SAFER,
AND…If you BELIEVE that WIN-WIN is the ONLY worthwhile pathway forward…
I implore you to JOIN ME in the Performance Improvement (PI) 3.0 SME MasterClass. 
This is my platform and your opportunity to Discover, Learn, and Share our latest Understandings & Developments in Performance Improvement.
It’s Fun.
It’s Immersive.
It’s Intense.
Your participation will prepare you to make a [bigger] dent in the Universe.
Sound crazy?
Because those who are crazy enough to think they can change the world…are the ones who do.
See you in Class,
Tim Autrey
Founder & CEO- PPI Global, Ltd.

HOW do Previous Graduates FEEL about 
Tim Autrey and the MasterClass?

Tim Autrey Typically Hosts & Facilitates 
the PI 3.0 SME MasterClass 
twice per year.

The Experience is also available 
24/7 Anytime/Anywhere 
and through the 
PPI Lab Success Path

Performance Improvement 3.0


24/7 Anytime/Anywhere

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Quite simply- we're here to help you TRANSFORM CULTURE in a way that makes your Organization (and even...our world) BETTER and SAFER.

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