Are you fed up the ‘status quo’? takes on the perplexing issues of LEADERSHIP. In 12-minute rants, your host, Tim Autrey, challenges conventional thought on performance improvement. He helps you make SMART choices and decisions. Whatever your current need or acute focus, Tim’s insights and perspectives will make you THINK. You’ll be SMARTER, FASTER, MORE PRODUCTIVE, and more equipped to leverage today’s rapid-fire challenges and opportunities.

As a Director of Safety, Quality, Human Resources, or Productivity, an entrepreneur business-owner, or the CEO of a 50,000-person enterprise, Tim’s twists in strategy and tactics will propel you WAY ahead of your current state of affairs. They’ll empower you to punch competition in the face.

Host: Tim Autrey

Tim Autrey is a recognized thought leader in human performance. Through his ground-breaking approach known as Practicing Perfection® and creation of the Practicing Perfection Institute, Inc. (PPI), and PPI Global, Ltd., he and the PPI Team have helped organizations around the world develop Next-Generation Leadership while enhancing safety and reducing human error.


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