Are you fed up the ‘status quo’?
In 2 to 12-minute rants, Tim Autrey challenges current dogma & paradigms associated with making things BETTER and SAFER. He takes on the perplexing issues of LEADERSHIP & INFLUENCE in this crazy world.

Whatever your current need or acute focus, the insights and perspectives in each Episode will help you make SMARTER choices and decisions. You’ll be dosed with Starting FAST and Finishing STRONG- more equipped to leverage today’s rapid-fire challenges and opportunities.

Whether you're a Senior Executive, a Small Business owner, a mid-level Manager/Leader, a Front-Line Supervisor, Coordinator, or Individual Contributor, Tim’s focus on a handful of Natural Principles offers a punch-in-the-face to conventional (old-school) THINKing and DOing.

Your Host: Tim Autrey

Tim Autrey is a pioneer in Next-Gen Performance. 
Through his Principle-Based Approach to Performance Improvement (PPI), he and the PPI Team have helped organizations around the world develop Next-Generation Leadership, enhance safety, reduce mistakes, and grow sustainable continually-improving outcomes & results.


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