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The Practicing Perfection Institute (PPI) offers educational and entertaining speakers for your upcoming conferences, and events. Breakout, Keynote, and Partial or Full Day Sessions. Our speakers and sessions are known for being entertaining, educational, interactive, and always give participants valuable take-aways that can change their lives and workplace immediately. Topics include (but are not limited to): Error Reduction, Culture Transformation, Next-Gen Leadership, Human Performance (Made Simple), Bridging Generational Gaps, Six-Hour Safety Culture, and Human Performance Basic Training.

Partner with PPI for your next event or conference. In addition to live events, we have created a state-of-the-art studio allowing us to virtually present any topic, at any time

Topics Include, but are not limited to:

  • Error Reduction/Error Elimination Tools: Filled with entertaining and funny videos, this presentation on Error Reduction/Tools stays with your audience long after your conference or event. A perfect introduction to error reduction and safety training.
  • Culture Transformation: Culture transformation is not hard and doesn't take a long time. That's a myth. We delve into the simple, yet effective ways to transform your culture in minutes. Your audience will have specific information as to how to transform their culture when they return to work after your event.
  • Next-Gen Leadership: Combining the latest in Leadership psychology with Next-Gen Human Performance insights, strategies, and tools, our Leadership workshops and keynotes are our most popular topic. Leaders will be inspired and ready to lead in an entirely different way after they learn the highly effective tools we share.
  • Human Performance Improvement Made Simple: Your Step-by-Step Blueprint for ENGAGING Your Team, Reducing Errors IMMEDIATELY, and Transforming Culture. HPI Made Simple teaches your attendees three simple frameworks that will propel their Human Performance efforts forward at a rapid pace. Highly engaging and interactive, this topic is perfect for breakout sessions.
  • ​Six-Hour Safety Culture: Based on Tim Autrey's Bestselling book, Six-Hour Safety Culture explores the underlying psychology behind WHY we do, WHAT we do, the WAY we do it. Your participants will learn the precepts behind error reduction and culture transformation, and the importance of focusing on the fundamentals. (BONUS: The keynote sessions based on Tim's book are typically taught and presented by the author)
  • Human Performance Basic Training: An intro to all things 'Human Performance', this topic is best for attendees who are unfamiliar with Human Performance. An informative session that highlights the basics of Human Performance while focusing specifically on Reliability, Efficiency, Productivity and Safety.
  • You Choose: Our faciliators are highly knowledgeable in all areas of culture transformation, safety, reliability, efficiency, productivity, error reduction and all things Human Performance. If you have a specific topic that you would like us to focus on, please contact us.

Our Speakers

Tim Autrey
CEO/Founder PPI

Tim Autrey is a recognized thought leader in human performance. Through his ground-breaking approach known as Practicing Perfection and creation of the Practicing Perfection Institute, Inc. (PPI), and PPI Global, Ltd., he and the PPI Team have helped organizations around the world develop Next-Generation Leadership while enhancing safety and reducing human error.

Tim has been a student of behavioral psychology since his earliest days. He spent over a year of his life underwater aboard the USS Ohio (the first Trident submarine- SSBN 726) studying human behavior.

During a twenty-year career in the US commercial nuclear power industry, Tim Autrey orchestrated and achieved major successes in human performance:
  • He functioned as a key member of the management team responsible for the fastest ever nuclear plant turnaround
  • He designed and deployed a human performance enhancement approach that resulted in an 87.5% reduction in human error over a 30-month period
  • He developed a simple Error Elimination Tools™ handbook that has since been adopted by organizations around the globe
While many “preach” the concepts of “just culture,” “safety culture,” and “high reliability,” Tim Autrey and the team at PPI have been helping organizations sustainably GROW just, safe, and reliable cultures since 2005. Because of the culture-transforming impact of the Practicing Perfection® approach, PPI Clients have experienced an unparalleled string of successes- synergistic improvements in Reliability, Efficiency, Productivity, and Safety (REPS).

Tim Autrey continues to lead as CEO of PPI, blazing the trail of constant and never-ending improvement that has become the hallmark of the Institute. Whether developing new insights and materials, or delivering his message across the US and Canada, throughout Europe, or in other parts of the world, he does so as an uncompromising champion of human possibility.

In addition to giving keynote speeches and conducting executive-level trainings, Tim continues to publish.

Bob Catinazo
Executive Vice President 
Client Services

Bob Catinazzo is a recognized expert in Human Performance Improvement, Error Reduction, and Culture Transformation.

Bob spent most of his professional career in the law enforcement profession with the Drug Enforcement Administration (DEA) as a Supervisory Special Agent [retired]. He has a Bachelor of Science Degree from American International College and a Master of Science Degree from Southern Connecticut State University.

Bob’s 20-year law enforcement career included seven years supervising DEA Special Agents and local law enforcement officers targeting the highest levels of domestic and international drug trafficking organizations. While at DEA, Bob developed Human Performance Improvement expertise as both an instructor and Unit Chief at the DEA Office of Training (TR) in Quantico, VA. At TR, Bob was responsible for the entire Basic Agent Trainee Program and Operational Risk Management training in the Group Supervisor Institute. As Unit Chief of the Academic Operations Unit at TR, Bob contributed to the successful accreditation of the Basic Agent Trainee program by the Federal Law Enforcement Accreditation Board and was often utilized by the DEA Office of Chief Counsel as an expert Tactical Witness and the authoring of several Expert Reports in DEA cases throughout the US. As a certified DEA Facilitator, Bob provided next-level instruction in many Law Enforcement Conferences in the US and abroad in the areas of Leadership, Tactics, Defensive Tactics, Operational Risk Management, and Specialized Narcotics Enforcement procedures.

Upon his retirement from the DEA in September 2015, Bob jumped at the opportunity to become part of the PPI team. He currently serves as the Executive Vice President of Client Services, where he has had tremendous success helping a wide range of PPI clients implement impactful Human Performance Initiatives. In this capacity, he is wholly committed to making a difference in this world and the lives of all PPI clients.

Bob’s facilitation experience includes presentations in various US Conferences and Workshops to Private Sector Leaders and Front-Line Employees, to include: Federal/State/Local Law Enforcement Officers, DEA Supervisors, Chemists, Intelligence Analysts, and Basic Agent Trainees, FBI National Academy attendees, and Youth Sports Athletes.

Bob’s International training experience includes presentations to Law Enforcement Officers from Mexico, Columbia, Peru, Bolivia, Ecuador, Dominican Republic, Philippines, Vietnam, Malaysia, Mongolia, and Indonesia.

Mike Blevins
COO (Retired) Luminant
Executive Coach

Mike Blevins is retired and a consultant to the energy industry. As an executive consultant, Mike has worked with various companies on new nuclear licensing, design, construction, operations readiness and staffing. In addition, he serves as a coach for several senior nuclear and corporate executives, advises on organizational development, emergency planning, market analysis, human performance and other topics.

Prior to his retirement in April 2010 Blevins served as the COO of Luminant, the power generation subsidiary of Energy Future Holdings. As the chief operating officer for Luminant, Blevins was responsible for nuclear generation, fossil generation, mining, safety, environmental services, supply chain and performance management. This assignment included startup of three new lignite units. The COO role culminated a career of over 40 years with the same company, EFH and its predecessor TXU Corp.

Blevins served as member of the board of managers for the Comanche Peak Nuclear Power Company, a joint venture between EFH and Mitshubishi Nuclear Energy Systems and continues to serve as an executive advisor to the Board.

Blevins’s experience in the electric utility industry in distribution, transmission and generation with Luminant dates back to 1969 as a summer intern. The majority of his career was spent in generation in gas, lignite and nuclear power plants. He began his nuclear experience in 1977 and worked in engineering, operations, support, oversight and station management at the Comanche Peak Nuclear Power Plant in Glen Rose, Texas. He spent five years as the chief nuclear officer for Luminant before moving to the COO position in 2009.

A leader in the industry, Blevins served in many roles with the Nuclear Energy Institute, Institute for Nuclear Power Operations and the Electric Power Research Institute. He maintains professional memberships in the National Society of Professional Engineers, American Nuclear Society, American Association of Blacks in Energy and Women in Nuclear. He is a highly regarded speaker throughout the nuclear industry.

In addition to his professional duties, Blevins serves on the electrical engineering and nuclear engineering advisory boards of the University of Texas at Arlington and the board of trustees of the Austin Graduate School of Theology.

Blevins, a Harvard Business School of Advanced Management graduate, earned a bachelor’s degree in electrical engineering from the University of Texas at Arlington in 1973. He is a registered professional engineer in Texas and a certified senior reactor operator.

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