For a Downloadable Copy of Your PPI
Leadership Opportunity Manifesto 

For a Downloadable Copy of Your PPI
Leadership Opportunity Manifesto 

  How does PPI Human Performance LEADERSHIP™ differ from other “Leadership Training”?

PPI Human Performance LEADERSHIP™ targets Human Performance as the CORE of all performance.

The 'human' aspects within the spectrum of most other leadership training offers either a set of clichés or 'rules and tools' for 'fixing' people on one end, or complex and overwhelming psychology on the other. Neither generate sustainable impact. This is why you've likely seen many 'programs' come and go.

PPI Human Performance LEADERSHIP™ offers simplicity on the FAR side of complexity. It provides tangible actionable (HOW TO) insights and strategies that have helped clients generate an unparalleled string of performance improvement successes for more than 16 years.

Through this approach you'll learn HOW to tap into and leverage positive aspects of human nature. By doing so, you'll tap into Team Member DESIRE rather than relying upon old-school attempts toward 'forcing' or 'policing' compliance. This is how you sustainably promote, support, and elevate motivation, accountability, and ownership. This is how you inspire Team Members to do 'right' things in 'right' ways for 'right' reasons (even when no one is watching). This is how you achieve SUSTAINABLE improvements in Reliability, Efficiency, Productivity, Safety, and Profitability.

No new 'rules'. No group hugs. No abstract theory.

PPI Human Performance LEADERSHIP™ offers a simple, tangible, impactful approach for moving your team, business, or enterprise to function as One Team with One Goal having One Conversation.

  Who should attend PPI Human Performance LEADERSHIP™ ?

  • Executives & Senior Leaders who are tired of 'shiny box' promises and 'check the box' bandaids for performance issues; who know in their 'gut' there must be a sustainable pathway for bringing the organization together as One Team 
  • Business Owners who would love to truly own their business (rather than having their business own them) 
  • Managers seeking to elevate Team Member Engagement, Accountability and Ownership; who are tired of the need for continual 'policing' of choices, actions, and behaviors 
  • Supervisors who want to LEAD; who want to coach & mentor and build a true sense of "team"
  • Key Influencers (at any level) who grab the attention of (and tend to be followed by) others

  Why is this often referred to as a “learning experience”?

Those most likely to refer to PPI Human Performance LEADERSHIP™ as an experience are its graduates.

All venues, whether Onsite, LIVE Virtual, or 24/7 MasterClass, are engaging and interactive- layered with exercises, self-assessments, entertaining (and fun) videos and anecdotes that facilitate high levels of awareness and understanding. The experience is heralded by many as, “the best ‘training’ they’ve ever had,” and even as "life-changing."

See Video Testimonials HERE.

  Are Professional Development Hours (PDHs) and Certifications available for completion of PPI Human Performance LEADERSHIP™?


Upon successful completion of PPI Human Performance LEADERSHIP™ and passing the Online Exam, participants are eligible for up to (16) Professional Development Hours (PDH), as well as to receive the Professional Designation/Certification of "HPL" (Human Performance LEADER). 

These are awarded upon request by the international not-for-profit Human Performance Association.

  What’s the tuition?

The cost per participant varies depending upon your venue (Onsite, LIVE Virtual, or 24/7 MasterClass) and any associated Implementation Plan.
  • For the 24/7 Online Masterclass tuition (including multiple-participant discounts) GO HERE
  • For Onsite or LIVE Virtual Sessions use the Information Request Form below or give us a call.   

  Is there a Downloadable Course Description?

Absolutely! You can download the PPI Human Performance LEADERSHIP™ Manifesto HERE.

You can also Download a Suitable-for-Framing Copy of the LEADERSHIP Key Insights HERE.

  How can I get more information?

Simply complete the form below or give us a call. We’ll happily answer any questions you might have.

We are here to serve...

We’re here to serve you- to help you sustainably raise personal, team, and business/organizational leadership, performance, and results to levels simply not achievable through old-school thinking or methods.

Quite simply- we're here to help you TRANSFORM CULTURE in a way that helps makes your organization (and ultimately- our world) BETTER and SAFER.

Should you have ANY questions about Human Performance LEADERSHIP™... or if you just want to talk to some really cool people about...most anything at all…

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