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  What is the length of each Course?

  How many Team Members can attend for FREE ?

As a Partner, your Team Members will be allowed to participate in your Sponsored Course(s) for FREE.
Every Course incurs fixed costs such as travel & lodging expenses for our Master Facilitator(s). The fixed costs are…fixed. Therefore, as more Participants register for your sponsored Course(s), you get the benefit!
Here’s how it works…
  • Register (15) PAID Participants-  (1) of your Team Members is FREE
  • Register (20) PAID Participants- (3) of your Team Members are FREE
  • Register (25) PAID Participants- (5) of your Team Members are FREE
Note: Due to the interactive nature of PPI Learning Experiences, we like to limit the total number of Participants in each Course to (30). If you have different needs or thoughts on a better arrangement for your specific circumstances, use the form below to let us know how we can help.

  How are Sponsored Course(s) marketed, i.e., HOW do you FILL the Seats?

This is where we PARTNER directly with you to make ‘filling the seats’ as easy as possible…

We will provide you with templated emails & graphics, as well as links to Course Information and a custom Registration Portal for your upcoming Event(s).

You then use your existing channels- email list(s), newsletter(s), associations, and collaborative relationships to make others aware and point them to the Registration Portal. (Yes- it really is that simple.)

  What materials do participants receive?

Participants in all courses receive a full-color Course Manual that directly follows and enhances the Learning Experience. When completed during the course it provides a valuable resource into the future- all notes and personalized learning in one convenient easy-to-reference manual!

Each participant ALSO receives lifetime access to the PPI Error Elimination TOOLs™ WebApp.

Human Performance LEADERSHIP™ and FLS Learning & Development Participants ALSO receive a copy of the Principle-Based Mentoring™ Notebook and lifetime access to the virtual Error Elimination TOOLs™ Leader’s Guide.

  Are CECs or PDHs available for Course completion?


All PPI Courses are accredited by the Human Performance Association, Inc. (HPA).

Following completion of each Course there is an optional online Exam. Upon achieving a passing score of 80% or higher, Participants are then eligible to receive associated Professional Development Hours (PDHs) or Continuing Education Credits (CECs) awarded by the HPA

For specific numbers of associated PDHs/CECs, refer to the online details for the specific Course(s).

  Are there Downloadable Course Descriptions?

Absolutely! We refer to the "description" as the Course Manifesto.

You can DOWNLOAD Course Manifestos using these links...

  How do we get started?

Use the form at the bottom of the page (or send us an email/give us a call) to start the conversation.

We’ll then work together with you to explore which option(s) might best serve you and your current needs & desires.

Once we feel we’re a good ‘fit’ for one another, we'll PARTNER UP to make it happen!

Specifics (details...details...)

  Point of Contact

We’ve found person-to-person to be the BEST way to get things done. We will ask you to designate a single point-of-contact to coordinate details on your end. We'll do the same on ours.

Your point-of-contact will typically be identified in the Marketing and Registration materials we provide for you and should be available throughout the Course Registration Period and during your Event.

  Training Facility/Venue

Facilities & Equipment

The room where your Event will be held should comfortably accommodate up to (30) Participants including chairs and tables. It should also include adequate parking for attendees.
The following equipment is to be provided:
  • A Projection System that is accessible via connection to our Facilitator’s laptop or through use of a USB flash-drive
  • A sound system capable of providing adequate audio amplification of presentation slides & associated videos. (Note: a microphone is typically not needed for PPI Training Courses)
  • Flipchart(s) and/or a Whiteboard for use by the PPI Facilitator including a supply of appropriate markers


As the host, it is most…hospitable…to provide refreshments to your guests. This typically includes water and coffee at a minimum and can include more if you desire.
Participants are typically on their own for lunch during these events. We will discuss the availability of nearby lunch options for your guests as part of our setup conversations.

  Leaders & Introductions

This can be your opportunity to make a statement within and among your community!

As the host organization, a senior member of your Team can welcome your guests with positive messaging and insight about the future and potential of your sector/industry. We will help you craft your welcome message if you’d like us to.

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We are here to serve...

The PPI Host-a-Course Option makes Global-Class Learning & Development Opportunities available to virtually any organization as we PARTNER with you to lower costs and create opportunities for collaboration with your industry peers.  

We’re here to serve you- to help you sustainably raise personal, team, and business & organizational leadership, performance, and results to levels simply not achievable through old-school thinking or methods.

Quite simply- we're here to help you TRANSFORM CULTURE in a way that helps makes your organization (and ultimately- our world) BETTER and SAFER.

To START the CONVERSATION...whether you're ready to put things together, have questions, or simply want a one-on-one exploration of our Host-a-Course Opportunities, use the form to the right or contact us using the info provided below.

Either way, we'll get back with you post haste.

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