It’s become cliché to say,
“The world’s changed.”
So…we won’t.
Quite frankly, we’re sick of hearing about it.
And we imagine…you are as well.
As if getting approval for, scheduling, and the logistics of 
Training, Learning, & Development (TL&D) weren’t tough enough, 
NOW you’ve gotta deal with distancing, 
Remote Work Teams, and hybrid work schedules.
OPTIONS that can make scheduling and logistics 
MUCH faster, simpler, easier, 
AND more cost effective 
than ever before possible ...


Your CLASSIC Option...
Our Master Facilitators travel to your location or training venue to provide the THINK-FEEL-DO Different interactive Learning Experiences and Exercises that’ve helped TRANSFORM Work Cultures for over 16 years.

CLASSIC TL&D Options include...

Live Virtual

Your TECH-ENABLED Option...
Our Master Facilitators come to you LIVE from our state-of-the-art studio to deliver an engaging and highly interactive THINK-FEEL-DO Different Virtual Learning Experience.

TECH-ENABLED TL&D Options include...

24/7 Anytime/Anywhere

Your SUPER-FLEXIBLE 24/7 Option...
Perfect for Individual Learners, Newly Promoted LEADERS, About-To-Be-Promoted LEADERS, and Team Members at all levels. The engaging and interactive recorded sessions are presented by PPI Founder, Tim Autrey, or by our animated Virtual Experts, and are available 24/7 (anywhere internet access is available).

24/7 Anytime/Anywhere TL&D Options include...

Our flagship SUMMITs provide hands-on opportunities to LEARN and EXPERIENCE Human & Organizational Performance  Improvement (HPI/HOP) at the "3.0 Level" together with Performance Improvement Colleagues from different industries and countries.
Typically held in the spring and fall each year, the SUMMIT Experience includes the full Performance Improvement 3.0 SME MasterClass, Code-of-Honor Development, and your opportunity to participate in TRAIN-the-TRAINER.
For more info and upcoming SUMMIT Opportunities GO HERE→
When you're seeking rapid & sustainable Performance Improvement yet struggle with budget constraints,
hosting a PPI Course just might be your Perfect Option.
You and your Team Members can Experience the same interactive Learning and Development Opportunities for a FRACTION of the normal cost.'ll gain the opportunity to collaborate with industry peers.

Host-a-Course TL&D Options include...

For more info on how this works GO HERE→

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